Lessons available 24/7

Escuela Internacional de Español Siglo de Oro offers its students the opportunity to receive Spanish lessons online seven days a week at any time of the day.

1-to-1 learning

Our online Spanish lessons are designed to deliver maximum learning in the shortest possible time. Therefore, we offer personalised individual classes to meet each student’s specific needs.

Native teachers

Our Spanish teachers are fully qualified native Spanish-speakers with years of experience in Spanish as a foreign language, who provide online lessons designed to maximise students’ linguistic development.

Students’ learning platform

From our online learning platform students can access all the services provided by Escuela Internacional de Español Siglo de Oro in a simple and easy manner.

Learning materials included

In addition to our online courses and Spanish lessons you will find a vast selection of learning resources: videos, podcasts, books, articles, grammar points, recipes for Spanish dishes… Have fun learning Spanish and getting to know Spanish culture.

Professional assurance

At Escuela Internacional de Español Siglo de Oro we strive for continuous improvement, seeking ways to offer our students the best linguistic training possible and to guide them toward successfully mastering the Spanish language.

Use any mobile device

Study spanish anytime, anywhere

Access our online learning platform from any device, from any location. There is no longer an excuse for not learning Spanish online.

Set up your own calendar

Set up your own timetable. Choose your preferred teacher, date and time for your online Spanish lessons or to take an online Spanish language course.

Contact other students

From our online learning platform you will be able to contact other students of Spanish. Set up an online rendezvous and practice Spanish for as long as you want.

Siglo de Oro offers you the opportunity to learn Spanish from anywhere in the world. You can set your own pace for learning at your convenience.